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Want to eat plastic? Eat Margarine: Research

BOSTON: There was a time when butter was the bad boy of the civilised world; it was held responsible for strokes, heart attacks and other conditions. Margarine was supposed to be the healthier alternative and came to be eaten by fit, healthy people and those who cared about their cholesterol levels. But now, new studies have made shocking revelations.

In fact, margarine has the same number of calories as butter! Therefore, eating margarine instead of butter doesn't help us either lose weight or reduce the number of calories we consume. What we have been hearing all this time has been marketing hype, a ploy to increase sales and fatten the bottom lines of large multi-national companies.

What is really alarming is that another study has been published in which researchers have proven that the only difference between margarine and plastic is one molecule! Yes, margarine is just a molecule away from being plastic. This means that we are effectively melting plastic to spread on our waffles and toast each morning.

Margarine also has higher LDL, which is the bad kind of cholesterol. What's more, margarine is known to be higher in fatty acids, tripling the chances of getting heart disease. Studies have now revealed that margarine increases the risk of cancer and reduces our immunity, insulin and the quality of breast milk in a lactating mother.

The only redeeming factor that margarine has is that we consume only 5 grams of saturated fat when we eat it, compared to 8 grams of saturated fat in the equivalent quantity of butter. This is the only point in which margarine scores over butter.

A Harvard Medical Study has been published, in which it was discovered that if women consume the same amount of margarine as butter, then they actually increase their risk of heart disease by more than 50%! This means that butter is much better than margarine.

Butter is better in many other ways too. For example, when you consume butter, it helps you to absorb nutrients from other foods too. Butter also helps you strengthen your bones and gives you many other types of nutrition. Also, it is known to taste better than any flavour of margarine!

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